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Impact Study Tour for Least Developed Countries

Ministers and representatives from around 20 countries took part in an impact study tour at the weekend, as part of the biannual UNIDO Ministerial Conference for Least Developed Countries.

Organised by imfino in cooperation with UNIDO, the participants of the study tour had the opportunity throughout the day to visit locations and hear from Lafarge Holcim, TU Wien and the City of Vienna. They learnt how social and environmental issues in Vienna have been addressed through strategic investment and a close relationship with the industrial and business sectors. Investment, both public and private, has been directed in such a way as to support the social goals of the city, not to act against them. This alignment - enabled through laws, incentives and financial tools - is part of the reason why Vienna has achieved the title of “Most Liveable City” for 8 years in a row (Mercer Quality of Living ranking).

imfino ran this impact study tour as a way to promote impact finance - investments that seek a measurable social or environmental impact along with a financial return. Vienna showcases how consistent private and public investment over decades has created a city with high social and environmental standards. In order for LDCs to address their own social and environmental issues, a culture of impact finance needs to be developed, to ensure that investment has a positive effect on communities.

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