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imfino at the UNIDO General Conference

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization has been having their annual General Conference this week in Vienna. imfino has been taking part.

Appropriately themed “Partnering for impact - achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”, the seventeenth session of UNIDO’s General Conference has been an important occasion for imfino to spread its message and discuss the future of impact finance at an international level.

The opportunity to partner with UNIDO for this event was too good to miss given the subject matter. Together with Gewista and the City of Vienna, we ensured that from the moment international delegates arrived in the city they were greeted in U-Bahn stations and on bill boards to this year's conference.

On Tuesday, imfino was pleased to take part in a “Knowledge Hub Focus Group” on sustainable energy, representing the impact investors who are key to supporting new sustainable technologies and companies. imfino drove home the point that finding investors with aligned goals is the only way for entrepreneurs to prevent “mission-drift” of their sustainable energy start-ups when they seek to grow.

Attending sessions and speaking to delegates throughout the week, it was striking to hear the recognition from around the world that impact finance is a vital part of ensuring that industrial development is done in a sustainable way.

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