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Making an Impact through Active Equity Ownership


ClearBridge Investments

March 2018

ClearBridge has been engaging with public companies to push for improvement on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues for more than three decades. In our newly published impact report, “Making an Impact Through Active Equity Ownership,” we discuss the evolution of ESG investing at the firm and how, as active shareholders, we measure our impact on the companies we own across our portfolios.  

Our inaugural impact report explains what differentiates ClearBridge’s ESG approach from that of other asset managers through current examples of ESG in practice. The report provides an in-depth look at the integration of ESG considerations into our fundamental research process and how new metrics such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals help us establish goals for and track the progress of our public equity holdings.

The impact report can serve as a resource to learn about ESG issues most relevant to the sector analysts that guide company engagements and how ClearBridge promotes awareness of these issues in the institutional investor community.

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