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Impact investing: Measurement valued by investee businesses

Dr Rory Tews and Thomas Scheuerle (Roots of Impact)

July 2017

This report was commissioned by the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development in order to shed light on the topic of data being generated by impact investee organisations.  24 agriculture and energy enterprises in Latin America, East Africa and Southeast Asia were interviewed. The key findings include:

  1. Investor demands are a central motivation for impact management, but intrinsic motivation of interviewees seems to equally important. 
  2. Enterprises make little use of standards and indicator databases, with the majority developing their metrics in iterative processes.
  3. Technological solutions for impact management are prevalent among SEIBs, particularly for direct data collection. 

The study concludes that impact management is at a nascent stage in its development, and that further support is needed to catalyse further development. 


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